Explore Beyond the Ordinary, Welcome to Gialiskari Beach

Gialiskari's Scenic Drive: A Thrilling Ride to Hidden Beauty 

If you're a nature enthusiast seeking the charm of lesser-known beaches in Corfu, then Gialiskari is the place you need to be. Nested next to the more popular Kontogialos beach, Gialiskari offers a unique blend of natural beauty that's worth the journey. Driving there is an adventure in itself, so if you are an experienced driver, the best way to reach this place is with your Rent4All scooter. The narrow road and limited parking make it a challenge, but that only adds to the overall thrill of your exploration. Keep a keen eye on your map, as there are two other beaches sharing the same name. Check the map below for parking place.

Gialiskari's Coastal Charm: A Blend of Sand, Pebbles and Serenity 

Gialiskari is surrounded by vibrant natural scenery. The impressive coastal landscape combines sandy shores, pebbles and sizable rocks, creating a picturesque setting. While the beach might not be vast, the absence of large hotels and challenging road ensure it remains a peaceful retreat. On the opposite side, remnants of an old hotel and a paved area offer a non-sandy spot. Though seclude, Gialiskari does not lack amenities. You can find here a local taverna providing food, refreshments and coffee. For those who prefer a sandy-free experience, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. Gialiskari is a small slice of paradise where nature meets convenience.

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Dive into the Underwater Wold

If you're a fan of underwater exploration, Gialiskari has a vibrant aquatic world waiting to be discovered. Whether you're basking in the sun on the shore or delving into the depths, this place promises an immersive for every type of adventure, combining the tranquility of the beach with the vibrant life thriving beneath the surface, It's a unique opportunity to embrace the beauty of both worls. above and below the waterline.



  • Check the weather before you go as this part of the island is often windy
  • Not a family friendly destination
  • Be aware that the beach might have seaweed on the coastline, depending on the weather
  • Better be avoided if you are not an experienced driver